Dublin 2013 Forum

Making Cities Smart, Safe and Sustainable

Compilation of photos, videos and quotes from WACAP8

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In February 2013, the 8th WACAP Forum was held in Dublin, Ireland on the theme of Making Cities Smart, Safe and Sustainable. The Forum explored the use of smart technologies and performance measurement systems that can contribute to sustainable development and the evolution of innovative city approaches to promote safety, with a key focus on poverty reduction. The event brought together over 500 high level delegates, including mayors, municipal civil servants, innovators at the forefront of developing smart technologies and police officials with civil society, women's organizations, and NGOs specialized in poverty reduction, safety, prevention and access to services.

Alongside the Forum, an Expo showcased products, services, tools, and programmes that cities can harness to develop more effective and integrated strategies in addressing safety, sustainable development and poverty in urban areas.

A smart and safe city is one which leverages multi-sectoral partnerships and technology to ensure that economic, social, political, and cultural rights are guaranteed for all. Smart cities - with efficient management systems, more effective and sustainable practices, including better planning which pays close attention to improving accessibility as well as to age, gender, ethnicity, among others - can help to prevent and reduce poverty, social exclusion, urban crime and violence, and environmental degradation.

Ireland has confronted many development challenges successfully and has a deep tradition with poverty alleviation efforts worldwide. Its history, innovations and clear vision of urban living in the 21st century makes Dublin the ideal venue to learn, share experiences, and advance the attainment of the MDGs within the urban context. As the host city, Dublin demonstrated how it is working with industry and academia to develop a research-driven cluster which improves the quality of living for all in the urban environment, to address the development of Urban Efficient Systems through smarter technology.