Joining WACAP

Why take action …

Poverty constitutes a violation of Human Rights. Eradicating it means reducing hunger and disease, reducing exclusion and lack of security, preventing social conflict, and providing better protection for the environment.

… within the Alliance?

To benefit from the experience of other municipalities.
To pool resources.
To increase the skills of the municipalities' elected representatives and employees.
To amplify the appeal to make combating poverty an absolute priority at every level in our societies.

How to join the Alliance

Fill your membership application here.

Or contact us:

World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty
c/o United Nations Development Programme
11-13 Chemin des Anémones
1219 Geneva (Switzerland)

Once your application is cleared by the WACAP Secretariat, your city will be contacted to provide a letter signed by a high level representative confirming your membership to the network.

Membership fees

The WACAP network is fee-based.  Membership fees make up a share of the funds necessary to coordinate the Network, and are charged on an annual basis.  We recognize the economic disparity between cities from different parts of the world thus membership fees are developed based on the size of the city and the country’s economic development.

A city joins the network once its Municipal Council has ratified the Appeal of the Cities against Poverty and starts to take part in global information campaigns on poverty, paying a contribution commensurate with its resources.

A city wishing to help its citizens and those of other cities to fight poverty by joining the Alliance, makes its co-operation official by:

  • signing the "Appeal of Cities Against Poverty" to give weight to the mobilisation of human and financial resources, and

  • pooling its resources with those of other cities towards global information campains to overcome poverty, through the purchase of "shares" in the Alliance. These shares symbolise that the city bears a fraction of the overall costs of these campaingns and that the city has a stake in the network

The value of the contribution is freely decided by each city, but as an indication, we suggested a purchase one to ten shares at USD 500 for industrialised countries, and at USD 100 for developing countries.

Cities' endorsement of the appeal, and desire to purchase shares, should be communicated to UNDP at the following address:

World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty
11-13 Chemin des Anémones
1219 Geneva (Switzerland)

Payment for the checks should be made by bank check in US dollars to the order of UNDP at the same address.