United Nations Development Business (DB) and WACAP join hands

February 07, 2013

UN Development Business will participate in WACAP8 through its chief, Nina Brandt, who will address the audience in a plenary session on the role of public private collaborations in facing urban challenges. UN Development Business calls upon business leaders to also join the cause and become part of this event. WACAP8 provides several partnership and exhibition opportunities and partners of UN Development Business are offered a 10% discount on these packages. - a consolidated online database that offers access to latest information on over US$190 billion worth of project opportunities in 180 countries, is the official vehicle for the dissemination of tender announcements from the UN, World Bank, African and Inter-American Development Banks and other multilateral development agencies as well as national governments. DB delivers to a global network of companies and individual consultants interested in doing business at the global level. Discover a world of opportunities that depend on private sector support to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and join our network of development partners now!

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